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Coaching for Leaders in Human Resources

Human Resources Coaching

The opportunity for HR Professionals in South Africa to shine has never been greater than now.

With the launch of the SABPP standards in 2013 the HR function can finally be recognised as a business partner and contributor to great business success.

However to do this the leader of the HR function needs to have clear vision, strategy and goals and may need support along the way to achieve this.  In addition every member of the HR team needs to be contributing optimally and it is also the functional leader’s job to ensure that this happens.

Coaching can provide a sounding board and planning partner to achieve this. With the extensive experience in the HR function that Jane possesses as well as her working knowledge of the CIPD standards form the UK that have been in place for many years she is well positioned to help others achieve success.

Jane will also be involved with the SABPP and the development of their mentoring programme to support businesses and students to achieve the new professional standards.

LIT also offers coaching for Executives, as well as Operational Managers and Supervisors.


Barney Jordaan LIT coachingProfessor Barney Jordaan, Professor Extraordinaire, USB Business School:

“I trust Jane fully, she is truly one of the best HR people I have ever worked with.”








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