Leadership Coaching

Transporting leaders from where they are to where they want to be, LIT’s leadership coaching is perfect for anyone looking to take their leadership to the next level.

Executive Coaching

Among the levels of leadership, the executive level is perhaps the toughest. LIT’s executive coaching works clients towards specific professional goals.

Management Coaching

Our management coaching is suited to all managers involved at the operational level of leadership, including supervisors. From the ground up, LIT will help you reach your potential.

HR Coaching

With a broad understanding of the SABPP standards, more than 20 years HR experience, LIT is fully equipped to train you and take your HR function to the next level.

LIT was founded to work with leaders who want to become more resilient.  We also focus on individuals who are newly promoted into a position of leadership or those who are about to be promoted. The goal of our work with these individuals is  to ensure that they are immediately successful in their new roles. The coaching process has been developed with a particular emphasis on performance. Specifically to assist leaders at all levels achieve the high performance that is required to cope in today’s turbulent times.

Survival in today’s competitive times is about staying ahead of the competitor.  Knowing how to do this is the role of the leader.  Leadership ability has therefore become critical to any business and organisations and their leaders must ensure that they have the ability and resilience to stay on course. However, the leader’s time is a scarce resource.  Coaching can be an alternative to intense, time consuming leadership programmes or it can be a support to delegates of such programmes to ensure that there is a learning transfer when they return to their work environment, so ensuring a better and faster return on the investment the company has made in the leader by achieving implementation and improved results for the business as well as confidence and growth by the individual. Today a Leader needs to be:

  • Adaptable
  • Agile
  • Able to respond to the needs of the environment that they find themselves in
  • Authentic
  • Inspiring (by having passion and a sense of conviction, belief in themselves and others)